Thermal Container Liner

Thermal Container Liner

Temperature-sensitive products should be stored and shipped with passive temperature management. The Thermal Container Liner is a simple and cost-effective method for insulating dry shipping containers, and the cold chain packaging solution protects products from deterioration caused by temperature, moisture, and humidity fluctuations during transportation.  can be made of a variety of insulating materials, including metallised bubble packing. It shields the shipping container from dirt and odor, reducing cleaning costs. It ensures that both the container’s contents and the container itself are safe and secure. It is tool-free and quick to assemble, and it can be used effectively inside standard cargo containers. This liner can be used for a variety of products, including chemicals, food, beverages, clothing, machinery, and vehicles.

The Thermal Liner Embatuff is designed to be used for the insides of Dry Van shipping containers to protect cargo from damage caused by humidity and temperature changes during transit. It also regulates the temperature within the cargo by insulation, maintains a 10-20ºC difference between the interior and the container itself. In addition, it prevents condensation that may form within the container from dripping onto the products causing mould and corrosion.

Lastly, The Thermal Liner Embatuff helps to reduce the cleaning cost by protecting the container from odour and dirt, ensuring that both the contents within the container and the container itself are protected. It also guarantees an easy and toolless assembly time of as little as 3 minutes and can be used in any standard shipping container. The cover can be used for a wide range of products from drink, food, and chemicals to clothing, vehicles, and machinery.

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  • Cargo cover protects both the container and goods
  • Maintains consistent temperature
  • Easy and toolless assembly
  • Used for a wide variety of products

There are 4 types of EMBATUFF containers:

  • EMBATUFF 130 (Reusable) – Isolation Rank: Maximum
  • EMBATUFF 55 (Reusable) – Isolation Rank: High
  • EMBAPANEL (Reusable) without floor- Isolation Ranks: Extreme
  • EMBATHERM (Not Reusable) without floor – Isolation Rank: Medium

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