Bulk Desiccants

Bulk Desiccants are adsorbent materials used to absorb moisture, liquid, and gases in the surrounding environment, hence keeping products from being damaged. They can also come in the form of Spool, Canister, Loose Form, Sachet, Strip, and Plastic Tablet. Available in different materials, the Humi Dri sachet packaging can be made from paper, Tyvek, clear plastic, DL paper, KF paper, Packtex, hard paper, Heatlon, kraft paper, sewn bags, and tear-proof (TP) fabric. Humi Dri can also come in Spool, Canister, Loose Form, Sachet, Strip, and Plastic Tablet.

The desiccant products are also available in the following forms:

  • Carton box
  • Fibre drum
  • Plastic bottle
  • Tin container
  • Silica Gel
    Description Silica Gel is a common desiccant used to adsorb moisture and water vapour due to its odourless and non-reactive...
  • Molecular Sieve
    Description Molecular Sieve, also known as zeolite or mol sieve, is made of crystalline aluminosilicate with SiO2: AI202 in the...
  • Activated Clay
    Description Used to absorb moisture, the Activated Clay Desiccant is a naturally occurring porous mineral that is dried and processed...
  • Activated Carbon
    An excellent adsorbent made for purifying air, water, gases, and controlling odour, the Activated Carbon is a cost-effective way to...
  • Activated Alumina
    Known as aluminium oxide, AI2O3, the Activated Alumina is often used as a desiccant for various purposes due to its...