Automatic Banding Machines

Banding uses wide but thin materials to keep products tightly secured during transportation or storage without damaging them, in a safe and organised manner. These high-performance Automatic Banding Machines are easy to operate and maintain. Stream Peak’s Banding Machines are also highly versatile for a variety of applications.


  • Paper bands can be removed without using a cutting tool
  • Transparent plastic bands showcase the product
  • Labels can be eliminated by printing directly on the band
  • The banding will not damage the corners and edges of the product
  • A diverse selection of banding materials and machine options
  • Tabletop Paper Banding Machine
    The High Table Banding Machine is ideal for higher volume products with this compact design and brake rolls. The brake...
  • High Table Banding Machines
    High Table Banding Machines are applicable for higher capacity. The portable High Table Banding Machine provides a convenient roll changing...