Cooler bags featuring an inflatable thermal insulating liner are designed to convert ordinary cardboard boxes into efficient, cool storage bags. These liners can be inflated with air or inert gases, significantly enhancing their thermal insulation capabilities.

Impact Resistance and Durability

One of the key benefits of these cooler bags is their ability to protect contents against temperature variations while transporting temperature-sensitive items, ensuring that items like pharmaceuticals and perishable foods remain in optimal condition.

When deflated, these bags are space-efficient, occupying only one-twentieth of the space they occupy when inflated.  Additionally, the flexible nature of these bags offers strong impact resistance, which is crucial during transport and handling, ensuring better protection for the contents.

Quality Control in Supply Chain

The insulation properties of the bag also minimise the need for multiple ice gel packs. Depending on the configuration, these cooler bags can reliably maintain cold temperatures for durations ranging from 12 to 120 hours, catering to a wide range of needs.

Each bag is equipped with a unique barcode serial number. This streamlines the process of tracking batch and manufacturing information, simplifying managing inventory and tracing products. This benefits businesses that require record-keeping for quality control and supply chain management.

  • Inflatable thermal insulating lining with cushioning
  • Customisable insulation capability
  • Excellent insulation capability; contents remain cold for 12 to 120 hours
  • Space-efficient
  • Flexible structure absorbs impacts
  • Unique barcode serial number for each bag