The R series transformer breathers are engineered for user convenience. Their design allows ease of use, enabling users to perform simple checks to maintain the desiccant’s condition effectively.

UV-Stabilized and Shatterproof Windows

The breather’s structure is constructed from UV-stabilised and shatterproof polycarbonate windows, allowing quick visual assessments. The breather comes with a two-way low-pressure valve in the base, permitting air to enter the breather only in the presence of negative pressure within the equipment.

Installation is easy with the breather mounted on a ¾” female pipe thread connection at the top, allowing convenient filling and removing the Desiccant. The R series breathers are available in different sizes, R, R1, R2 and R3, accommodating a range of transformer specifications.

The R3 breather comprises two R1 breathers, saturating one completely before the other. This design provides handlers with extended timeframes for desiccant replacement, ensuring that both breathers are thoroughly saturated with moisture before requiring attention.

  • UV-stabilised polycarbonate construction for durability
  • Transparent body for easy Desiccant level monitoring
  • Two-way low-pressure valve ensures efficient airflow
  • ¾” female pipe thread connection for hassle-free Desiccant handling
  • Absorption capacity up to 25%
  • ISO9001/2008 design approved with IP65 rating
  • Compatible with 1250 kVA to 750 mVA Transformers
  • Vandal proof
  • Weather resistant
  • Multiple sizes available: R, R1, and R2, with R3 option
Size Max Oil Contents (Litres) Desiccant Weight (kg) Overall Length (A) (mm) Overall Length (B) (mm)
R 1500 0.6 158 108
R1 3000 1.2 250 108
R2 4750 1.9 352 108

R-Series-Transformer-Breathers-Product-Brochure, Om Mas Thailand: Download