Wall-mounted tank vent dryers are engineered to remove water vapour and dehumidify storage tanks, which is crucial in maintaining the quality of stored materials.

Effective Removal of Moisture

A key feature of these dryers is the observation window, which is made of UV-stabilized transparent polycarbonate or glass. This allows for easy visual monitoring of the desiccant’s condition without interrupting normal operations.

These mild or stainless steel dryers make them robust enough to endure harsh industrial environments. They can hold up to 12.5kg of silica gel or molecular sieve desiccants, effectively absorbing moisture-laden air and venting excess air back into the atmosphere.

Removable and Refillable Desiccant

Furthermore, the desiccant is easily removable and refillable, adding to the practicality and efficiency of these wall-mounted tank vent dryers in various industrial applications. Designed to accommodate various storage tank capacities and discharge rates, these dryers come in three different sizes.

  • Compatible with silica gel or molecular sieves for elimination of contaminant
  • Removable Desiccant container for easy refilling without disruption
  • Observation window in UV-stabilised material for Desiccant monitoring
  • Durable construction in mild steel or stainless steel for different environments
  • Suitable for open or vented tank storage
  • Holds up to 12.5 kilograms of Desiccants
  • Available in three sizes for different tank capacities
  • Wall Mounted Vent Dryers: Models M605, M610 & M615 Cartridge Dryers
  • Floor Mounted Vent Dryers: Models M620 & M630 Cartridge Dryers  

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