Silica gel packets control moisture and humidity levels to safeguard products from damage during storage and transportation. These packets are filled with silica gel beads that actively absorb moisture from the surrounding environment, preventing damage such as mould, mildew, and other moisture-related issues.

Moisture Control for Product Safety

These non-toxic moisture-absorbing packets are safe for food products. They provide the added advantage of reusability, with the beads being capable of being dried and reused several times.

Manufactured in-house at Stream Peak, our ISO 9001 and 14001 certified silica gel packets come in various sizes to meet diverse needs. From compact options for electronics and medications to larger variants for shipping containers, we cater to different requirements.

Quality Assurance with Rigorous Testing

These packets are encased in robust packaging materials like tear-resistant paper, clear plastic, Tyvek, and non-woven fabrics, ensuring durability. Our dedicated QA laboratory rigorously upholds the quality of each bag.

The packets come in sturdy packaging options such as tear-resistant paper, clear plastic, Tyvek, and non-woven fabrics, ideal for safeguarding essential documents, pharmaceuticals, and electronic devices. To further bolster moisture protection, these Silica Gel Packets can be paired with moisture barrier bags and humidity indicator cards.

  • Efficient moisture absorption for protection against mould, mildew, corrosion, and spoilage
  • Excellent vapour transmission rate
  • The substrate is made with Tyvek® material
  • Versatile usage in electronics, leather goods, food packaging, and documents
  • Customisable for specific needs, compatible with various materials
  • Suitable for diverse applications
  • Food Grade Ink and FDA compliant for direct food contact
  • Certified manufacturing with ISO 9001 and 14001
  • Eco-friendly and easy disposal in line with local regulations
  • Desiccant type: Silica gel
  • Material: Non-toxic, amorphous silicon dioxide
  • Bead size: 1-3 mm
  • Packaging material options: Tear-resistant paper, clear plastic, Tyvek, non-woven fabrics
  • Packaging sizes: Available in various sizes, from small packets to large packets for shipping containers
  • Adsorption capacity: 25-40% at a relative humidity of 50%
  • Moisture content: <2%
  • pH range: 4-8
  • Shelf life: Minimum of 2 years when stored in a cool and dry place
  • Reusability: Silica gel packets can be dried and reused multiple times
  • Compliance: Safe for use with food products and compliant with industry standards for pharmaceuticals and electronics
  • Certification: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified for quality and environmental management.

Packet Size: Silica gel packets are available in a variety of sizes, from small ones ideal for electronics and medications, to larger ones for shipping containers. It is important to match the packet size with the size of the product and its packaging.

Moisture Absorption: Assess the level of moisture control necessary for the product. They offer a range of absorption capacities, typically between 0.5 to 1000 grams, to cater to different needs.

Packaging Material: They are avalible in diverse packaging materials, such as tear-resistant paper, clear plastic, Tyvek, and non-woven fabrics. Select a material that fits the specific application and environmental conditions.

Food-Grade Specifications: For use with food products, ensure to select a food-grade silica gel desiccant that is safe for direct food contact.

Reusability Factor: The beads in these packets can be dried and used multiple times.

Industrial-Grade Options:: For industrial applications, consider an industrial-grade desiccant that can withstand challenging conditions and high temperatures.