Humi dryer pole is a container desiccant encased in robust, breathable materials that withstand the rigours of long transit times and varying environmental conditions, ensuring the desiccant inside remains effective throughout the journey.

Preventing Mold and Corrosion

The calcium chloride desiccant possesses hygroscopic properties, enabling it to attract and absorb moisture from the surrounding air. It prevents issues like mould growth, musty odours, corrosion, and other problems associated with high humidity to protect goods such as electronics, metals, textiles, and various food products.

The desiccant pole is designed for versatile placement within shipping containers, allowing it to be suspended vertically from the ceiling or securely attached to the container walls. This strategic positioning is crucial for maximising air exposure around the pole, optimising its moisture-absorbing capabilities.

The enhanced placement ensures a more effective distribution of the desiccant’s properties, creating a significantly drier environment within the container. This reduction in humidity levels is essential for preserving the integrity of the contents, ensuring they remain dry and protected throughout their transit.

Enhanced Moisture Control in Transit

Container desiccants can be used for long-distance shipping of moisture-sensitive items, such as electronics, furniture, textiles, and food items. Monitoring and replacing the desiccants as needed for lengthy shipping or storage durations is essential to maintain optimal moisture control.

Our container desiccant is produced in compliance with ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications, reflecting a commitment to high-quality manufacturing standards and environmental management. Rigorous quality testing is conducted in our QA laboratory, ensuring each desiccant meets stringent quality criteria. Additionally, we offer customisation and printing options tailored to meet specific packaging requirements.

  • Effective moisture protection for goods in shipping containers
  • Easy installation and space optimisation
  • Maintains desiccant quality during installation
  • High absorption capacity (up to 200% of its weight)
  • Versatile cargo compatibility
  • ISO 9001 and 14001 certified
  • Durable for long-haul shipments
  • Customisation available for packaging
  • Water Absorption Capacity: Min. 200% wt.
  • Shelf Life of Desiccant: 1 year from date of manufacture
  • Packet Material: Tyvek, spun-bonded olefin, manufactured by E. I Dupont Exterior-Uncoated
  • Product label contains the following:
    • Manufacturer’s name
    • Description of desiccant
    • Quantity per container
    • Manufacturer’s lot number
    • Date of manufacture
    • Manufacturer’s caution label
 Item No.  Weight  Quantity
 CHP1000P1  1 kg  10 POLES PER CARTON

Humi-Dryer-Product-Brochure: Download