Ethylene absorber filters (EAF) maintain the quality of fruits and vegetables during the post-harvest period. They actively purify the air within storage and transport environments, efficiently removing ethylene gas, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and various spores.

This purification process is essential for safeguarding the produce from premature ripening and decay. In synergy with the natural recirculation systems of cold transport equipment, EAFs create an optimal atmosphere for produce preservation. This function enhances the freshness of fruits and vegetables and significantly extends their shelf life.

Optimal Produce Preservation

The ethylene filters have an absorption capacity of up to 4 litres per kilogram and are built for easy assembly and installation. A feature is their flanged connections, seamlessly integrated into the cap design. This integration eliminates bending plastic flanges to fit through grid holes.

The flanges are pre-shaped with a gentle curve, allowing the cord to enter from the four positions. This design simplifies securing the flange during truck installation, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of the process.

Additionally, the EAF is equipped with a plastic tube ventilation system, which further facilitates attachment. An optional double-sided adhesive is also provided, offering an alternative solution that simplifies the installation process even more.

Determining the Right EAF Size

There are two primary methods to determine the most suitable filter size for a given application. The first method, the theoretical absorption capacity approach, considers various factors such as the type of fruit, the transit duration, and the weight transported. This method calculates the required absorption capacity to ensure optimal performance.

The second method, the remaining capacity measurement, incorporates a broader range of variables. It considers seasonal influences and the varying ripeness levels of the produce, offering a more tailored approach. This method is particularly effective in adjusting the filter capacity to precisely meet the specific requirements of each transit or storage scenario, ensuring maximum efficacy and producing protection.

  • Designed to safeguard specific fruits and perishable produce from ethylene gas
  • Highly effectively as it counters the impact of ethylene more than other products
  • Utilizes GK3 and GK4 granules with impressive ethylene absorption capabilities
  • Features pre-shaped flanges for quick and hassle-free installation
  • Allows cord entry from four positions, suitable for various truck setups
  • Offers a double-sided adhesive for simplified installation in trucks with plastic tube ventilation
  • Employs two methods for precise filter size determination based on factors like fruit type, transit duration, and ripeness levels
  • 50 cm Ethylene Absorber Filter
  • 75 cms Ethylene Absorber Filter
  • 100 cm Ethylene Absorber Filter
  • Panel Filter for Cold Stores