Ethylene absorber sachets enhance the preservation of fresh produce, such as fruits, vegetables, and flowers, during extended periods of transportation and storage. These sachets actively remove ethylene gas from their environment.

Ethylene, a naturally occurring plant hormone, accelerates ripening and can lead to premature spoilage. By eliminating this gas, the sachets effectively slow the ripening process and reduce dehydration, thereby extending the freshness and shelf-life of the produce.

Prolonged Produce Freshness 

Ethylene absorbers enhance gaseous exchanges, ensuring efficient removal of ethylene gas from the environment surrounding fresh produce.

The materials used in these sachets are non-toxic and chemically inert, ensuring they are safe for use with food products. Furthermore, they are environmentally friendly, as they can be disposed of with regular waste without causing harm to the environment.

Additionally, their robust resistance to water makes them exceptionally suitable for use in humid conditions, where they maintain their effectiveness.  This moisture resistance is crucial in preventing the growth of mould and bacteria, which can rapidly degrade the quality of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Combat Ripening and Spoilage

Moreover, these absorbers play a significant role in preserving fresh produce’s aesthetic and textural qualities. They help prevent common issues like discolouration, wilting, and softening, thereby maintaining the produce’s marketable appearance and texture.

To achieve the best preservation results, it is advisable to strategically place the correct number of sachets within the packaging box or export packing. This placement is key to creating an environment that is not just ethylene-free but also inhibits bacterial growth, further enhancing the longevity and quality of the produce during transportation and storage.

  • Eliminates ethylene gas to prevent spoilage
  • Maintains produce freshness during storage and transit
  • Increases the shelf life of fruits, vegetables, and flowers
  • Approved to be used with food products
  • Works effectively in humid conditions
  • Available in various tear-resistant sachet sizes
  • Suitable for agriculture and food manufacturing industries
  • Small sachets: 0.25 gm / 0.50 gm / 1 gm /  1.7 gm /  2.5 gm
  • Medium sachets: 5 gm / 7 gm / 9 gm (intended for long-distance transport of fruits)
  • Large sachets: 22 gm / 38 gm (intended for transport of highly preserved fruits or for use in fridges)

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