The Dunnage Bag Inflation Tool is an apparatus for inflating Dunnage Bags with compressed air. It is easy to use and ensures the bags are inflated precisely and easily.

Enhanced Stability with Airtight Connection

The tool features a valve adapter that can be conveniently clipped onto the valve of the airbag and a handle that aids in stabilising the airbag’s position during inflation to ensure a secure and airtight connection.

Our tool comes equipped with two types of valve adapters: a 40cm flexible rubber tube and a 20cm fixed steel pipe. It is compatible with any conventional air pressure system, which can be seamlessly connected to the tool’s air gun. For precise pressure monitoring, there is an option to fit the tool with a manometer, which allows for the precise monitoring of the filling pressure.

  • Valve adapter easily attaches onto the Dunnage Bag’s valve
  • Handle secures the air bag in place

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