Polyester Composite Strap, also known as Composite Strapping or Composite Cord Strapping, is a robust and resilient solution for securing and stabilising loads during transit or storage.

Enhanced Load Security and Stability

This strap is developed from several integral components that offer strength and flexibility. It is an effective alternative to steel or plastic strapping bands.

Our Polyester Composite Strap is constructed from high-tensile polyester yarns woven to create a sturdy cord. This cord is subsequently coated with a protective Polymer layer, typically Polypropylene, to bolster its resistance against abrasion, ultraviolet radiation, and moisture.

The benefits of Polyester Composite Strap are multifaceted, encompassing high tensile strength, adaptability, lightweight nature, resistance to various weather conditions, safety, and cost-efficiency. Its renowned tensile strength enables it to support heavy loads and effectively absorb shocks during transit.

In contrast to steel strapping, the Polyester Composite Strap is devoid of sharp edges and reduces the risk of injuries during handling. Its inherent flexibility allows it to adapt to the contours of the load to ensure a secure and firm bundling. Its elasticity aids in absorbing impacts and prevents load displacement.

Protective Coating for Humid Conditions

The Polyester Composite Strap’s protective coating provides resistance against ultraviolet rays and moisture, even in outdoor or humid environments. It is also known to be lightweight and cost-effective and does not require specialised tensioning and sealing tools for operation.

These features facilitate ease of handling and contribute to reduced transportation costs. Applicable across various sectors, such as logistics, manufacturing, shipping, and warehousing, our Polyester Composite Strap is widely used to secure pallets, crates, bundles, and a variety of other load types.

  • Safe with no risk of injury
  • Products protected from damage
  • High system strength
  • Able to re-tensioned multiple times
  • Absorbs impact
  • UV resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Able to manage heavy loads
  • No splicing and no sticking
  • In-built edge protector
  • Easy to dispose and recyclable

Composite Strapping Light

  • 16 mm, 528 daN
  • 19 mm, 689 daN

Composite Strapping Medium

  • 13 mm, 551 daN
  • 16 mm, 731 daN
  • 16 mm, 927 daN
  • 16 mm, 837 daN
  • 19 mm, 1136 daN
  • 19 mm , 1412 daN

Composite Strapping Heavy

  • 25mm, 1381 daN
  • 25mm, 1592 daN
  • 32mm, 2441 daN
  • 32mm, 2463 daN

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