Humidity indicator plugs provide instant visual monitoring of moisture levels in sealed environments. These versatile plugs are suitable for various containers, such as electronic enclosures and military equipment. They are ideal for both long-term storage and diverse shipping conditions.

Reliable Humidity Monitoring

Desiccants can be added to humidity plugs for enhanced moisture protection, creating a comprehensive solution for controlling humidity levels in sensitive environments.

Each humidity indicator plug features a colour-shifting display, transitioning from blue to pink or brown to green, to signal rising relative humidity levels, prompting necessary action. These indicators accurately measure relative humidity from as low as 5% up to 95%, ensuring optimal preservation conditions for stored items.

Additionally, we supply cobalt dichloride-free indicators, offering an environmentally friendly and safer alternative. Ideal for a range of sectors, including industrial, military, and consumer goods storage, humidity plugs preserve the integrity of sensitive equipment like electronics and optical devices.

Durable Design and Simple Installation

Installing these humidity plugs is straightforward; they seamlessly integrate into various enclosures, suitable for retrofitting and new installations, without requiring special tools or extensive modifications. Manufactured using corrosion-resistant materials, these plugs are robust and reliable, even in harsh conditions.

Desiccators filled with desiccants can be added to humidity plugs for enhanced moisture protection, creating a comprehensive solution for controlling humidity levels in sensitive environments. This combination effectively absorbs excess moisture while the plugs monitor and indicate any changes in humidity, ensuring optimal preservation of the contents.

  • Precisely measures relative humidity levels
  • Changes colour to signify humidity changes
  • Transparent window for easy colour change identification
  • Indicates critical humidity levels for product safety
  • Equipped with moisture-absorbing Desiccants
  • Provides extended protection during storage and transit
  • Designed for convenient mounting in various enclosures
  • Suitable for electronics, pharmaceuticals, and food storage

Small Humidity Indicator Plugs

The plugs monitor humidity levels using colour-changing indicator paper and a desiccant cartridge. For best performance, replacement is recommended every 3-5 years. Small humidity indicator plugs are also suitable for moisture-sensitive electronic or electro-optic equipment.

R.F. Screened Humidity Indicator Plugs

The plugs are designed for moisture-sensitive electronic or electro-optic equipment requiring EMC shielding. They detect humidity levels and indicate changes via colour-changing indicator paper and can be fitted with desiccant cartridges.

Observation Windows and Panel Bushes

Observation windows and panel bushes facilitate easy viewing of container contents to improve work efficiency and productivity.

Mounting and Blanking Plug

The plugs, ideal for sealing connection holes used in purging, can be equipped with desiccator cartridges or hydrocarbon adsorption units. They are suitable for equipment where humidity indicators are not necessary.

Humidity Indicators For Equipment

The indicators are tailored for electronic or electro-optic equipment. The sensor paper changes from blue to pink to signal alterations in humidity. They are compatible with static desiccators filled with silica gel or molecular sieve.

Humidity Indicator Plugs for Flexible Barriers

The plugs detect humidity changes with colour-changing indicator paper. They are designed for use on containers, flexible barriers, or humidity-controlled enclosures. Additional protection with desiccant packs, are recommended.

Humidity Indicators with Relief Valve

The indicators are optimal for compact spaces. They are easy to install and feature reversible sensors that change from blue to pink as humidity increases. Optional desiccant cartridges can be added for enhanced moisture absorption.