The ShockWatch companion label alerts handlers that the product is continuously monitored during shipment.

This label also provides essential instructions for addressing mishandling, thereby minimising the likelihood of damage during transit. The label can also be easily attached to the packaging’s exterior and seamlessly integrated with impact and shock stickers for enhanced monitoring.

Additionally, the ShockWatch Tape serves as a vivid visual cue, signalling that the shipping package contains fragile items under surveillance. The tape’s reflective design ensures it stands out from afar and in low-light conditions. Explicit warning phrases such as “Handle With Care” and “Caution” ensure clarity on the handling method.

  • Visual handling reminders for logistics personnel
  • Serves as a deterrent against potential mishandling
  • Enhances accountability in the shipping process
  • Easy application to a variety of packaging surfaces
  • Compatible with various impact and shock indicators
  • Offers clear instructions on proper handling
  • Improves communication across the supply chain
  • Provides an additional layer of security for sensitive goods
  • Supports a proactive approach to damage prevention