High-speed packaging machines support high-output operational needs and offer efficient packing and sealing capabilities. The automated packaging system utilises innovative reciprocating film-pulling and sealing technology to deliver precise and consistent results.

Intuitive Interface with Minimal Maintenance

Equipped with a programmable logic controller, the machine has an intuitive interface and requires minimal intervention. It is engineered for seamless operation to save time and effort. This user-friendly approach significantly cuts down on training time and operational complexity.

The machine is also designed for low maintenance. Its robust construction and advanced technology require fewer interventions, ensuring continuous and uninterrupted operation. This allows for more extended operating periods without the need for extensive maintenance. This machine is available in two different models to meet varying packaging requirements and accommodate various bag types and sizes.

  • Globally renown electrical parts for functionality and stability
  • 3 servo motor for reciprocating pull film system which can reach 180 bpm.
  • Convenient automated film rectifying function.
  • Film pulling and sealing technology for professional finish
  • High-speed packing.
  • Globally renown programmable logic controller.
  • Multi-language capabilities.
  • Speed: 40-100 Bags/Minute
  • Bag Length: 50 – 200mm
  • Bag Width: 40 – 150mm
  • Max Film Width: 320mm
  • Sealing Type: Pillow Bag, 3-Side Sealing
  • Packing Material: OPP/CPP, OPP/CE, PET/PE etc.
  • Air Pressure: 0.65mpa
  • Air Consumption: 0.25m3/minute
  • Power: 220V, 50Hz, 2KW
  • Dimensions: 1200 x 700 x 1520mm
  • Weight: 400 kg

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