The powder filling and sealing machine is equipped with an auger filling dosing system to pack and seal granular products efficiently. It is suitable for a wide range of products, including consumables and non-consumables, chocolate, cocoa, flour, spices, curries, chillies, milk, cosmetics, and powder. The packaging machine is easy to operate and has an intuitive interface. It features easy adjustability, leak-proof sealing, and energy-efficient operation.

  • Suitable for granular products
  • Auger filler dosing system for consistent and high-quality filling and sealing
  • Fully automated and easy to operate

Optional devices available for integration with the powder filling and sealing machine:

  • Hot Stamping Date Coder
  • Perforation Jaw Feature
  • Additional Bag Forming Tube
  • Strip Packs Device
  • Heavy Bag Holder
  • Deflation Device
  • Full #304 Stainless Frame

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