Rotary premade pouch machines streamline production lines by effectively handling tasks like opening, filling, vacuuming, weighing, and sealing bags or pouches. These machines are user-friendly and versatile, accommodating a wide range of products, including various perishable food items like dried foods, grains, nuts, seafood, and sauces.

Enhanced Efficiency with Adjustable Settings

Equipped with adjustable settings and an intuitive touchscreen interface, these automated packaging machines are tailored for customisation to suit different packaging needs. They excel in swiftly transitioning between pouch sizes, significantly reducing the setup time when switching products.

In compliance with Food GMP Standards, our machines deliver high-quality, robust seals and visually appealing premade pouches. It is outfitted with advanced filler options, including a euro slot device, double-servo control, a vacuum film-pulling system, and a multi-bag-making function. These features collectively boost the machine’s efficiency and adaptability, making it capable of meeting a broad spectrum of packaging requirements.

  • PLC touch screen controls; easy to use and operate
  • Fully automated
  • Automated detection of filling to reduce waste
  • Produces high quality and aesthetically appealing seas
  • Compatible with a wide variety of products
  • Meets food GMP standard

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