Packing list envelopes, also known as document-enclosed or shipping pouches, securely protect shipping documents during transit. These envelopes are available in different sizes to cater to packaging and document requirements.

Ensure Document Visibility

Shipping pouches offer a safe storage solution for shipment contents. Their self-adhesive back protects packaging lists, invoices, and other essential shipping documents from damage. Standard descriptions are printed in black on bright orange panels, improving visibility and making identification easier.

These packing list envelopes stand out with their bright colour and are made from a waterproof poly material, offering protection against damage and moisture. Their design includes a handy back pocket, ensuring that packing lists, invoices, and other documents are safely housed and protected during transit.

Tamper Resistant and Weather Protection

The panel face of the envelope comes with a transparent window, allowing access to the shipping address for easy package identification. The adhesive backing ensures secure attachment to surfaces such as cardboard boxes, metal, paper or stretch films.

Once documents are enclosed in the envelope, any attempt to remove them becomes irreversible. This feature adds an extra layer of security, ensuring the preservation of essential reports and shipping documents throughout the journey.

  • Rear-loading design for secure transit of invoices, documents, and packaging lists
  • Weather-resistant and Waterproof with a self-adhesive lining for easy containment
  • Tamper-proof for enhanced document protection
  • Diverse size options to accommodate various document and packaging requirements
  • Versatile and commonly used in E-Commerce and Logistics
  • Customisation available



 Packings Per Carton 

 5.5” (O) x 10” 140 mm (O) x 260 mm

 1000 pcs

 7” (O) x 5.5” 180 mm (O) x 140 mm

 1000 pcs

 7” (O) x 10.5” 185 mm (O) x 270 mm

 1000 pcs

 9.5” (O) x 13” 240 mm (O) x 334 mm

 500 pcs

 10” (O) x 5.5” 260 mm (O) x 140 mm

 1000 pcs