Reinforced aluminium foil, often referred to as barrier film, is a composite material that combines aluminium foil with a layer of transparent nylon film and multiple layers of heat-sealable polyethylene for enhanced durability.

The packaging material has exceptional insulation properties and combines durability and sturdiness. It is also lightweight and exhibits reflective properties in its foil form, making it a protective packaging barrier against gases, liquids, and moisture. It is used as a thermal insulator for crates and cargo.

High Heat and Tear Resistance

The material’s excellent heat resistance ensures it absorbs heat effectively while maintaining its integrity in cold conditions. Its suitability for long-term storage and resilience to high UV radiation, combined with a smooth surface for easy cleaning, enhances its practicality.

Reinforced aluminium foil is moisture and oxygen-proof and has outstanding resistance to punctures and tears. When used as a lining for shipping crates, it prevents off-gassing and shields against elements such as gases, liquids and moisture. It can also be used with desiccants bags and humidity indicators to enhance protection against moisture damage.

Heat-sealable for Secure Closure

During the heat-sealing process, ensure that the dull sides of the aluminium foil face inward. Additionally, the foil can be stapled or fastened to different surfaces. When sealed, this material forms a low-oxygen enclosure, protecting temperature-sensitive items and effectively preventing pest infestation.

Its adhesive layer, compatible with materials of similar melting points like foam, facilitates easy attachment due to its low melting point. Reinforced aluminium foil offers insulation, durability, and protection, making it a versatile choice for diverse packaging needs.

  • Provides excellent moisture protection and ensures product integrity
  • Easily seals to maintain product freshness and security
  • Offers durability during handling and transportation
  • Creates a low-oxygen environment to deter infestations
  • Ideal for packaging, sealing, and lining in shipping and storage
  • Safeguards against liquid, moisture, and gas exposure
  • Moisture control and product preservation