Bubble Wrap Roll, or bubble roll, is made from transparent plastic film sheets or rolls. It features small air-filled bubbles sandwiched between two layers to cushion and secure items during transit, handling, and storage.

Impact and Shock Absorption

Bubble Wrap Roll effectively protects fragile or delicate products against impact, shock and vibration. The Bubble Wrap Roll is filled with air bubbles and is a cushioning barrier to absorb and dissipate external impact to prevent damage. It also offers insulation against temperature changes and safeguards against moisture, dust, and surface scratches.

Our Bubble Wrap Roll is flexible and lightweight. It easily wraps around products of various shapes and sizes by moulding to the contours of the product. This approach forms a protective shield around the product to prevent direct contact with external surfaces. The transparent plastic film also allows for easily identifying the wrapped product.

Customised Bubble Wrap Roll Options

We offer a range of Bubble Wrap rolls in different materials, lengths, and sizes. Our Bubble Wrap Roll is accompanied by a range of bubble sizes available from the smaller 6 mm (0.25 inches) diameter to the larger 26 mm (1 inch) variants.

For optimal protection, the bubbles should face inward when wrapping a product to ensure maximum cushioning. Customisation and printing services are available for distinct brand and operational requirements. Our Bubble Wrap Roll is also suitable for industries like E-Commerce, Electronics, Manufacturing, Moving Services and Retail, and packing and protecting delicate items such as Artwork, Ceramics and Glassware.

  • Lightweight
  • Versatile in size and shape
  • Cushioning ability with shock absorption
  • Provides surface protection
  • Transparent for easy product identification
  • Cost-effective
  • Recyclable (check local recycling guidelines) and reusable for multiple shipments or applications
  • Customisation and printing services available
  • Elmendorf Tear (MD): 30gm
  • Elmendorf Tear (CD): 640 gm
  • Tensile Yield (MD): 14 N/mm2
  • Tensile Yield (CD): 13 N/mm2
  • Ultimate Tensile (MD): 40 N/mm2
  • Ultimate Tensile (CD): 26 N/mm2
  • Ultimate Elongation (MD): 660%
  • Ultimate Elongation (CD): 900%
  • Burst (Bubble Pressure): 169 KN/m2
  • Maximum temperate: 93 DC
  • Minimum temperate: -15 DC

Metalised Foil Bubble Roll

Metalised bubble wrap, also known as foil bubble roll, is a foil-laminated sheet for temperature-controlled packaging. Its water-resistant and lightweight material not only offers cushioning to minimise product damage but also maintains the temperature of products to keep them warm or cool for extended periods during transit.

Kraft Paper Bubble Roll

Kraft Paper Bubble Roll combines the strength of sturdy kraft paper with the cushioning of air bubbles. This durable packaging solution is available in various sizes to accommodate a wide range of products, from delicate products such as glass to heavier household goods such as wooden furniture. The kraft paper layer also protects floor surfaces from scratches during the movement of heavy items.

Foam-Backed Bubble Roll

Featuring a foam layer on one side, the Foam-Backed Bubble Roll provides additional cushioning for fragile products. It absorbs light impact and it is suitable for products that are subject to movement during transit. This packaging is commonly used for products with delicate finishes, such as stone or high-gloss paint.

Anti-Static Bubble Roll

The Anti-Static Bubble Roll prevents the buildup of static electricity to protect electronic products from electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage. It is ideal for packaging electronics such as laptops, smartphones, and other gadgets. It is typically colored pink for easy identification.

Self-Adhesive Bubble Roll

The Self-Adhesive bubble wrap simplifies packaging by eliminating the need for double-sided tape. The adhesive layer ensures the bubble wrap stays secure on products with sensitive surfaces, such flat-screen television and glass. It is easy to apply and remove and leaves no tape residue on the products.