Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) Emitter Disks are infused with corrosion inhibitors that bond to metal surfaces and form a protective shield against environmental elements such as dirt, moisture, oxygen, salt, and other pollutants.

Compact and Effective Anti-Corrosion Solution

VCI Emitter Disks are a dependable solution across diverse sectors. They are lightweight and infused with an economical and safe mixture to meet the specific requirements of steel and multi-metal parts.

They are also compact in design and ideal for placement in narrow or confined areas to provide comprehensive corrosion protection across an entire area. They are easy to install – affix the emitter disk to various metal surfaces, cabinets, or walls using adhesive tapes. The emitter disks have an extended shelf-life and retains their corrosion protection capabilities even in humid environments – leading to minimal replacements or extensive maintenance.

  • Disks’ Dimensions: 2 3/16″ round and up to ¼” high.
  • Easy installation: Peel off the adhesive strip backing and stick the emitter onto a flat surface – inside lid of a junction box or panel.
  • The protective VCI vapours work immediately and last for up to 2 years.
  • Protection is clean, dry and without the need for additional cleaning or solutions
  • Effective on Copper, Steel, Zinc, and multi-metal parts.
  • VCI Emitter Disks 5: protects 5 cubic feet of enclosed space
  • VCI Emitter Disks 10: protects 10 cubic feet of enclosed space