Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) Masking Film is an adhesive, pressure-sensitive film that acts as a protective layer for metal surfaces. The film is capable of preventing scratches, marring, and corrosion.

Preventing Corrosion in Metals

The VCI Masking Film is a bluish, transparent film made from a resilient and water-based acrylic material. It is odourless and non-toxic. For optimal use, the film should be applied directly to a clean and dry metal surface.

Once applied, the rust prevention film establishes a firm adhesion to the metal surface while being easy to remove without leaving any residue. The film’s transparent and robust structure ensures prolonged protection and preserves the metal surface for up to six months indoors.

Lightweight and Robust Solution

Our VCI Masking Film is lightweight but robust. The film can withstand various mechanical processes, including roll forming, bending, cutting, and stamping. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including doors, metal fabrications, service centres, trim works, heavy-duty industrial equipment, and indoor machinery.

  • Multi-metal VCI protection
  • Lightweight, odourless, safe, and easy to use
  • Water-based and pressure-sensitive adhesive system
  • Film is easy to remove and leaves no residue on the metal surface
  • Robust and flexible to withstand bending, cutting, and forming operations
  • Transparent film facilitates easy inspection
  • Available in rolls up to 80″ wide
  • Polished Metal Surfaces
  • Special finishes that need to remain flawless
  • Precision and machined metal surfaces
  • Metals that require protection from defects during manufacturing, fabrication
  • When it is impractical to remove, repaint and rework imperfections manually
  • Metal fabrications, metal service centres, doors, and trim works, heavy-duty industrial equipment, and machines that are stored indoors