Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) Lubricating Liquids are lubricants infused with VCI. These liquids provide both lubrication and corrosion protection for metal surfaces.

Effective Moisture and Corrosion Prevention

These lubricating liquids function by emitting and dispersing chemical compounds into the surrounding environment.

The compounds form a protective coating on the metal surfaces and prevent corrosion. This protection is achieved by inhibiting the electrochemical reaction responsible for rust and other corrosion forms.

Industrial-Grade Liquids for Metal Protection

The volatile nature of these inhibitors ensures they can permeate into enclosed areas to provide comprehensive corrosion protection to hidden or difficult-to-access areas.

Our VCI Lubricating Liquids are suitable for industrial applications where metal components are exposed to moisture, humidity, or corrosive conditions. They are ideal for use on a range of metal surfaces, including Aluminium, Brass, Copper, and Steel.

VCI Lubricating Oil (1100)

This lubricating oil protects metals in closed systems like fuel tanks, hydraulic, and coolant circulating systems. It prevents condensation build-up in equipment during preservation periods. Nox-Rust 1100 is ready for immediate use from the pail or drum and does not require oil removal after application.

  • Protection Duration: Up to 2 years indoors in enclosed spaces.
  • Appearance: Light golden lubricating oil.
  • Metal Protection: Suited for ferrous, iron, steel.

VCI Lubricating Oil (1101)

This petroleum-based lubricating oil protects a mix of metals in enclosed systems and internal combustion engines. It is ideal for fuel tanks, gear housing, storage tanks, clutch compartments, crankcases and transmissions. It can further be fogged into shipping cases for auto and truck body section protection.

  • Protection Duration: Up to 2 years indoors in enclosed spaces.
  • Appearance: Light golden lubricating oil.
  • Metal Protection: Steel, iron, zinc, aluminum.
  • Availability: Also in 11 oz. aerosol spray.

VCI Lubricating Oil (1200)

A water-based VCI solution, free from phosphates, heavy metals, and nitrites. It is suitable for closed systems and it is ideal for preserving equipment and piping systems needing hydrostatic testing before shipping or storage. Apply by fogging or spraying.

  • Protection Duration: 1-5 years stored indoors in a sealed system.
  • Appearance: Clear to tinted odourless liquid.
  • Metal Protection: Continuous protection for ferrous metals, compatible with copper and galvanized steel.
  • Storage Conditions: Indoor.

VCI Lubricating Film (4101)

This light oily film offers corrosion protection for steel parts and equipment in humid conditions or acidic environments like pickling operations. It is non-staining, water-displacing, and can be applied by dip, spray, flow coat, or brush.

VCI Lubricating Oil (9800)

This water-soluble VCI liquid absorbs moisture and removes fingerprints. It is suitable for spraying or fogging into closed spaces as well as ideal for use during hydraulic testing, as a rust inhibitor during lay-up, storage, or inactivity. No removal needed.

  • Protection Duration: 1-2 years indoor covered.
  • Appearance: Clear, amber liquid.
  • Metal Protection: Steel, iron, zinc, aluminum.
  • Storage Conditions: Outside, protected or unprotected.

VCI Coating (CLV)

A water-based transit coating provides environmentally safe, long-term preservation and edge protection in harsh environments. With low VOC and humidity and salt spray resistance, it is often used as a final coating on metal parts before storage or shipment.

  • Protection Duration: Up to 2 years covered outdoor; 5 years covered indoor.
  • Appearance: Dry film is firm, waxy.
  • Metal Protection: Ferrous metals.

VCI Coating (CF)

A general-purpose, water-based rust preventive solution with a blend of inhibitors, emulsifiers, and surfactants to form a soft and greasy amber film for protection against high humidity and salt spray.

  • Protection Duration: 2 years covered outdoors; 5 years covered indoor.
  • Appearance: Deposits a soft, greasy amber film.
  • Metal Protection: Steel, cast iron, ferrous alloys.