Ferrous Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) Anti-Rust Paper protects ferrous metals, including iron-based materials, from corrosion.

Rust Prevention for Ferrous Metals

The paper functions by emitting VCI compounds that vaporise and form a protective layer on the metal surface, which impedes the corrosion process.

The effectiveness of corrosion protection depends on several factors: the specific type of VCI paper used, the storage area’s environmental conditions, and the storage duration. Generally, the inhibitors in VCI papers offer protection from several months to a few years.

Ongoing Protection Against Corrosion

Our Ferrous VCI Anti-Rust Paper is easy to use – identify clean and dry metal surfaces and wrap the metal part with the VCI paper or place it as interleaves between the metal parts. Regular maintenance is further recommended to ensure ongoing protection against corrosion.

Available in both sheets and rolls, our Ferrous VCI Anti-Rust Paper facilitates easy handling and application. It is used in diverse industries and protects a wide array of ferrous metal applications, including metal components, machinery parts, tools, automotive parts, and equipment.

VCI Paper (4060 Mil-Spec) is listed on the U.S. Department of Defense Qualified Products List (QPL) for MIL-PRF-3420H, Class 3, Style A, for light-duty applications. It is made from 40 lb/65 gsm natural kraft.

VCI Paper (VW60H) is approved by the U.S. Department of Defense and listed on the QPL for MIL-PRF-3420, Class 2, Style A (medium-duty applications). This paper is crafted from 60 lb/98 gsm² natural kraft and is Nitrite-free.

VCI Paper (7090 Mil-Spec) provides long-term corrosion protection in military applications. This paper meets the requirements for Mil-PRF-3420, Class 1, Style A (heavy-duty applications). Made from 70 lb/114 gsm² natural kraft, it is ideal for heavy parts and long-term military use.

VCI Paper (Ferro-Galv) features a unique corrosion inhibitor blend which offers excellent protection for galvanized and ferrous metals. It is strong and tear resistant. It is suitable for protecting Cast Iron, Steel, Galvanized metals, Tin and Zinc.

VCI Protek Wrap includes a unique blend of corrosion inhibitors. This wrap ensures robust protection against rust and corrosion for ferrous metals.

VCI Paper (PW30) protects ferrous metal parts like Steel and Cast Iron. This paper is made from 30 lb/49 gsm² natural kraft and eliminates the need for surface-applied oils or rust-preventive liquids.

VCI Paper (PW32) protects ferrous metals, including Steel and Cast Iron. It is crafted from 35 lb/57 gsm natural kraft.

VCI Paper (PW32H) is a Nitrite-free paper that protects ferrous metals. It is made using 35 lb/57 gsm² natural kraft and saturated with a ferrous VCI formulation.

VCI Waxed Paper (PW33) is ideal for wrapping small shaped metal parts. This moisture-resistant paper is made from 35 lb/57² gsm natural kraft with a special wax formulation for enhanced properties.

VCI Packaging Wrapper (VW35D) protects Cast Iron, Steel, and ferrous alloys without the need for oils or rust-preventive liquids. It is made from 35 lb/57 gsm² natural kraft.

VCI Packaging Wrapper (VW35DH) has a Nitrite-free VCI formulation. It is capable of long-term protection of ferrous metals. Made from 35 lb/57 gsm² natural kraft, it is suitable for Cast Iron and Steel.

VCI Packaging Wrapper (PC55D) is a 35 lb./57 gm² natural kraft wrapper saturated with a Nitrite-free ferrous VCI formulation. It is suitable for general and long-term protection of ferrous metals.

VCI Packaging Wrapper (VW60D) is suitable for long-term protection of ferrous metals. This durable wrapper is made from 60 lb/98 gsm natural kraft which provides strength and tear resistance.

VCI Packaging Wrapper (VW100DH) is a Nitrite-free wrapper for long-term storage of ferrous metal. It offers additional strength and moisture barriers. It is made with a 40 lb./65 gsm² natural kraft sheet laminated to a 40 lb/65 gsm² natural kraft with 10 lbs/16 gsm² Polyethylene.