Ethylene machines can be used in cold storage rooms to preserve the freshness and quality of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. These machines use innovative technology to eliminate ethylene gas, a natural plant hormone that initiates ripening and can lead to spoilage.

Ethylene removal machines are filled with granules or pellets that absorb ethylene gas. These granules are securely housed in a module or container and then integrated into the machine. As cold air passes through this module, it facilitates the extraction of ethylene gas by the granules.

Durable Design and Easy Maintenance

In terms of construction, these machines are made with robust materials, ensuring they can endure the conditions in cold storage environments. Their design prioritises ease of installation and maintenance, featuring a straightforward system for replacing modules as needed.

Safety is a key consideration in the design of these machines, which is evident from features like an IP55 international protection rating and the inclusion of particle filters to ensure operational safety. Additionally, the disposal process for the used ethylene granules is environmentally conscious.

These granules can be disposed of in a way aligned with sustainable and eco-friendly practices, thereby reducing the environmental impact of their use. This aspect of the machines underscores the commitment to eco-responsibility in their overall design and function.

Diverse Models for Cold Storage Environments

These ethylene removal machines come in a range of models, each designed to suit varying dimensions of cold storage spaces. They are built to comply with rigorous industry norms and legal regulations.

This compliance includes adherence to the EMC Directive 2004/108/EC, which governs the electromagnetic compatibility of equipment, Directive 2006/42/EC regarding machinery safety, and the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/CE, ensuring electrical safety standards are met.

Furthermore, these machines undergo comprehensive testing for electromagnetic immunity. This testing ensures that they operate effectively and reliably, even in environments with high levels of electromagnetic interference.

Such thorough testing assures that the machines maintain consistent performance, irrespective of the surrounding electromagnetic conditions. This is particularly important in industrial settings where the presence of various electronic devices and machinery can create a complex electromagnetic environment.

  • Effectively filters Ethylene gas to extend the shelf life of food, fruits and flowers
  • Meets industry standards, including Low Voltage Regulation and EMC Directive
  • Available in 110v 60Hz and 220v 60Hz configurations
  • Designed to withstand cold storage conditions and suitable for 40 to 300 m³ cold storage rooms 
  • Simple installation and environmentally friendly granule disposal
  • Suitable for various fruit preservation, flower storage, and supermarket applications

 Tech Features

 GK 120

 GK 300

 Height (cm)  31  31
 Depth (cm)  17  17
 Width (cm)  13  55
 Weight in kg w/o Granules  5.17  7.15
 Granule Format  Unsewn mesh  Vpack M18 module
 Granule Weight  1 kg  6 kg
 Particle Filter  No  Yes, G4
 Power Supply  230V 50Hz  230V 50Hz
 Voltage (W)  45W  45W
 Intensity (A)  0.16  0.16
 Capacity (M3/h)  120  300

Model: 120 and 300

  • Compliant with Directive 2006/42/EC and the Low Voltage Regulation 2006/95/CE
  • Meets the requirements of the EMC Directive 2004/108/EC for emissions and electromagnetic immunity
  • IP55 International Protection Rating
  • Available in models with 110v 60Hz and 220v 60Hz power sources.
  • Designed for small cold storage rooms for storing fruits like berries and kiwis, flowers
  • Designed for cold storage in the field at the time of harvest and supermarket storage

Model: 1900/1 and 1900/2

  • Designed for use in large cold stores
  • Modules containing 12 kg instead of 6 kg.
  • Reduce plastic waste by 60% during media replacement.
  • Residence time or the duration of air in contact with the media is doubled
  • Higher efficiency in terms of the ratio of ethylene concentration at the inlet to the outlet
  • Air-flow controller using a potentiometer that drives a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) system

Model: 600 and 850

  • Lower energy consumption
  • EMC directive 2004/108/EC compliant
  • Particle filter that further enhances air quality
  • Sliding doors for easy access and replacement
  • Safe from emissions and electromagnetic interference
  • Attachment parts are made of stainless steel to prevent rusting
  • Electrical components have an IP44 international protection rating
  • Granules are contained within plastic modules to prevent air passages
  • Meets 2006/42/EC directive and the Low Voltage Regulation 2006/95/CE
  • Designed for humid environment of fruit and vegetable cold storage rooms
  • V-shaped distribution of granules ensures longer periods between replacements
  • Structure made of galvanised steel coated with hot epoxy paint and highly adhesive surface treatment

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