Manual Strapping Tensioners are hand-operated instruments that apply tension to strapping or banding materials in the process of load securement.

Efficient Tensioning with Minimal Force

These tensioners incorporate a handle or lever and a gripping mechanism that securely holds the strapping. Through manual exertion, operators pull the strapping and engage the tensioner to wrap it firmly and securely around the cargo. It is also suitable for straps of varying widths, including up to 25mm, 32mm, and 50mm.

Our Manual Strapping Tensioners are easy to operate with a comparatively lower level of force required for effective tensioning. Each tensioner is further furnished with a bracket shoe to protect the composite straps. Additionally, the tensioners are incorporated with a stainless-steel cutter with the ability to cut through various belts.

  • Specially designed bracket shoe protects composite straps
  • Integrated stainless steel cutter seamlessly cuts any belt
  • Hand-operated tool applies tension to strapping
  • Tensioner includes handle, gripping mechanism, and cutter
  • Durable, easy to use and requires less force
  • Suitable for straps up to 25mm, 32mm, and 50mm widths

S-25 Strapping Tensioner

  • Size: 25 mm
  • Weight: 1.26kg
S-35 Strapping Tensioner
  • Size: 35 mm
  • Weight: 1.32kg
S-50 Strapping Tensioner
  • Size: 50 mm
  • Weight: 3.9kg
  • S-25 strapping tensioner: straps up to 25mm in width
  • S-35 strapping tensioner: straps up to 32mm in width
  • S-35A strapping tensioner features an aluminum body
  • S-50 strapping tensioner:  up to 50mm in width

Tensioner S-25, S-35, S-50 Product Brochure - Stream Peak: Download