ColdMark is a single-use temperature indicator for packaging applications that require close monitoring of low-temperature deviations. This label is engineered with a sensitivity to detect when temperatures drop below a predetermined threshold.

Effective Single-Use Temperature Indicator

The label activates within approximately 30 minutes and undergoes a colour transformation from clear to violet upon crossing a predetermined low-temperature threshold. For effective temperature monitoring, it is recommended to place the ColdMark in a spot easily visible to the recipient upon the shipment arrival.

This visual alert system is useful for shippers and handlers, as it promptly indicates potential exposure to cold conditions. The indicator maintains the integrity of temperature-sensitive goods during transit, ensuring that any undesirable cold exposure can be immediately identified and addressed.

The ColdMark label can be conveniently attached directly onto the product or strategically placed within the packaging. This flexibility in placement ensures that the label is in the most effective position to detect and indicate any undesirable low-temperature deviations.

Flexible Placement for Effective Monitoring

To preserve the accuracy and effectiveness, it is essential to store the label under specific conditions. The recommended storage temperature for the label is at least 5°C higher than its activation point, but it should not exceed a maximum of 43°C.

Adhering to these storage guidelines is crucial for maintaining the label’s precision and reliability. By strategically placing and properly storing the ColdMark, users can optimize its functionality, ensuring it provides dependable and accurate temperature monitoring for shipments that require strict temperature control.

  • Tangible evidence of exposure to adverse temperature conditions
  • Cost-effective solution for last-mile monitoring
  • Compliments the effectiveness of cold chain packaging
  • Temperature Accuracy: +/- 1ºC
  • Activation Time: 30 minutes or less
  • Storage Conditions: Store product above activation temperature, up to 43ºC
  • Shelf Life: 2 years from the date of sale

Available Temperatures:

  • -3°C/26°F
  • 0°C/32°F
  • 2°C/36°F
  • 5°C/41°F
  • 10°C/50°F

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