This temperature strip label comes with five distinct levels. Each level is sensitive to a specific temperature range, and upon reaching or surpassing these predetermined thresholds, the indicators on the strip undergo a striking visual transformation.

High-Precision Chemical Design

The temperature indicator is designed to change colour at specific temperatures, delivering precise temperature readings during shipping. The irreversible colour change deters tampering and clearly indicates temperature deviations to shippers and handlers.

Initially silver, these indicators shift to a bold black hue, giving users a clear and immediate visual cue. This colour change is a critical signal that helps monitor and maintain optimal temperature conditions in various industrial settings, ensuring safety, efficiency, and reliability in processes where temperature control is paramount.

Precision Tracking with Colour-Changing Indicators

The label operates using the precise melting points of refined organic chemicals, each yielding a unique colour transformation at high accuracy. Distinct chemical compounds are applied as individual coatings on a specialised paper substrate for each temperature level.

When the temperature exceeds a designated threshold, the corresponding chemical compound melts. This melting process triggers the chemical to be absorbed into the paper substrate, leading to an irreversible change in colour.

This vivid and permanent colour shift is an effective and reliable indicator that the temperature has surpassed its safe limit. Our labels can be used in various industrial and safety-critical applications, where precise temperature monitoring is essential for ensuring integrity and safety.


  • Compact design for use in tight and space-constraint areas
  • Accuracy to ± 2% of the Fahrenheit rating
  • Temperature range from 105°F (40°C) to 500°F (260°C)
  • Permanent record for inspection and quality control
  • Free of calibration
  • Resistant to oil, water and steam
  • Label Size: 14mm diameter



  • Process control
  • Test & Measurement
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Quality control
  • Safety Indicators
  • Aerospace
  • Food
  • Warranty
  • Maintenance
  • Medical
  • Drilling
Clock 1 40°C 43°C 45°C 49°C 54°C
104°F 109°F 115°F 120°F 129°F
Clock 2 60°C 65°C 71°C 77°C 82°C
140°F 149°F 160°F 171°F 180°F
Clock 3 88°C 93°C 99°C 104°C 110°C
190°F 199°F 210°F 219°F 230°F
Clock 4 116°C 121°C 127°C 132°C 138°C
241°F 250°F 261°F 270°F 280°F
Clock 5 143°C 149°C 154°C 160°C 166°C
289°F 300°F 309°F 320°F 331°F
Clock 6 171°C 177°C 182°C 188°C 193°C
340°F 351°F 360°F 370°F 379°F
Clock 7 199°C 204°C 210°C 216°C 224°C
390°F 399°F 410°F 421°F 435°F
Clock 8 232°C 241°C 249°C 254°C 260°C
450°F 466°F 480°F 489°F 500°F

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