WarmMark Duo is a cost-effective, single-use temperature indicator designed to monitor temperature conditions during transporting and storing goods.

Enhanced Temperature Monitoring Capabilities

The packaging indicator alerts users immediately through its window display when products are subjected to high temperatures. This feature is especially beneficial for products with specific temperature stability requirements and defined expiration profiles, as it accurately measures the duration of temperature exposure.

The colour movement halts once temperatures return to safe levels. This allows for an accurate assessment of the high-temperature exposure period. The WarmMark Duo has a user-friendly design that can be easily attached to products or their packaging.

Dual Temperature Thresholds for Comprehensive Tracking

Equipped with dual activation thresholds set at 10°C and 34°C, the WarmMark Duo provides a detailed approach to temperature monitoring. Under normal conditions, where temperatures remain within safe limits, the indicator windows retain white, signifying a stable temperature environment.

However, the indicator window will progressively display a red marker if temperatures exceed the predetermined thresholds. This visual change indicates the extent and duration of the product’s exposure to excessive temperatures, offering a vital tool for quality control during transportation and storage.


  • Dual threshold time/temperature indicator
  • Activate with the pull tab
  • Tangible evidence of exposure to adverse temperature conditions
  • Compliments the effectiveness of cold chain packaging
  • Cost-effective and space-efficient as indicators require no special packaging or storage
  • Available in pre-armed configurations for high-volume packaging environments


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Diagnostics
  • Vaccines
  • Biologics
  • Test kits
  • Test Specimens
  • Chemicals
  • Paint

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