WarmMark Long Run is an economical, single-use solution for tracking temperature variations throughout transporting and storing goods. This packaging indicator accurately monitors temperature fluctuations, ensuring the safe handling and preservation of temperature-sensitive products during their journey.

Clear Temperature Indication

The WarmMark Long Run indicator is designed for straightforward attachment to products or their packaging, providing evidence of exposure to unfavourable temperature conditions. Its presence ensures that temperature-related issues are promptly identified, prompting immediate product inspection upon indicating temperature abuse.

This indicator is precisely calibrated to signal when a product has been exposed for an extended period to temperatures above either 10°C or 31°C. It features a clear and easily interpretable visual alert in its display window, which indicates if products have experienced excessive heat and the duration of such exposure.

Reliable and Extended Monitoring Capability

The indicator remains white if the product remains within safe temperature limits. A red dye will visibly advance through the indicator window if temperatures exceed the set threshold. The movement of the dye halts once the temperature drops back to the safe range, marking the period the product was subjected to adverse temperatures.

With the capability to monitor temperature variations over 7 days, the WarmMark Long Run is for goods sensitive to temperature changes. The duration of the indication varies depending on the severity of the temperature exposure, making it an essential tool for managing products with precise stability requirements and expiration parameters under specific thermal conditions.


  • Tangible evidence of exposure to adverse temperature conditions
  • Compliments the effectiveness of cold chain packaging
  • Cost-effective and space-efficient as indicators require no special packaging or storage.
  • Available in pre-armed configurations for high-volume packaging environments
  • Time/Temperature indicator with exposure time (up to 7 days)
  • Field-armable with pull tab


  • Floral
  • Chocolate
  • Raw and cooked meats
  • Meal delivery
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Specimens and tissue samples
  • Chemicals

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