The forklift battery optimisation system is an enhancement to our forklift monitoring system. It provides detailed insights into battery conditions, allowing managers to track performance, take preemptive actions, and create extensive reports.

This system is tailored to maximise battery usage while integrating with material handling equipment (MHE). This integration significantly cuts down on asset and maintenance expenses. Moreover, the system suggests three tailored strategies to boost battery utilisation. These recommendations are designed to prolong battery life, lower operational expenses, and positively impact the overall financial performance of warehouse operations.

  • Significantly improves battery life and utilisation
  • Seamlessly integrates with the Forklift Monitoring System
  • Supports Material Handling Equipment (MHE) utilisation and maintenance targets
  • Enhances asset utilisation and reduces asset-related costs
  • Offers crucial insights for fleet and warehouse management
  • Provides three levels of insights for enhanced performance
  • Lowers operational costs and maintenance expenses
  • Contributes to improving the bottom line