VCI Papers have enzymes or chemical substrates that act as a barrier against grease, moisture, and rust. Papers treated in such a manner provide a safe and effective way to protect metals for a long time without the need for costly coatings or other ineffective methods like untreated paper or desiccants. This simple and easy packaging method does not require any extensive handling or packing. Place the metal parts or metal products in the VCI Paper and Wrap. The wrapped packaging stays dry, clean, and free of dust for years.

Stream Peak Vietnam offers the widest, selective range of VCI Papers in the industry. A unique formula of corrosion inhibitors is embedded in Kraft papers (not superficially coated), providing long-term protection of the metals. VCI Papers are:

  • Easy to use
  • Stretchable with high tension
  • Resistible to scratch and abrasion
  • Ideal for work layout
  • Rigid and high heat resistant
  • Contains fast-reacting compounds

A request is available for bespoke (custom made) printing and branding (logos and words). Instructions for print will be precise.VCI Papers can be custom-made into bags, sheets, and wraps in all sizes, styles, and quality. Contact us for more information!

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