The Pneumatic Strapping Tensioner employs compressed air to exert tension on woven polyester and composite straps. This tensioner is capable of handling strap tensions up to 800 KG/F and incorporates a strapping cutter knife for added functionality. It is optimally designed for straps with widths of up to 32mm.

Enhanced Efficiency in Load Fastening

Engineered to streamline the tensioning process, the Pneumatic Strapping Tensioner is more efficient and less physically taxing than its manual tensioners. The tensioner features a motor or piston that generates the necessary tension.

Once activated, the tensioner consistently applies uniform tension to the strapping for a secure, tight encirclement around the cargo. The tensioning level is adjustable to accommodate various strapping specifications.

One of the key benefits of our Pneumatic Strapping Tensioner is its combination of speed and power. It can achieve high tension levels quickly which renders it ideal for heavy-duty tasks or scenarios involving substantial strapping volumes.

Ensure Secure Loads with High Tension Levels

Our tensioner is also suitable for industrial environments such as manufacturing plants, shipping facilities and warehouses, where efficient and reliable strapping is essential for robust packaging and secure loads.

The tensioner offers reliable and consistent tensioning which diminishes the likelihood of human error and enhances load stability during transit.  Operating our Pneumatic Strapping Tensioner requires an air compressor or a source of compressed air.

  • Strapping belts from 9mm to 32mm in width
  • Compatible for woven polyester strapping
  • Compatible for composite strapping belts for 9-32mm width
  • Durable and bi-directional pneumatic motor pulls up to 800 KG/F
  • Strapping cutter knife included in the tool
  • Blade crafted from special hardened steel
  • Size: 32mm
  • Weight: 4.5kg

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